Removals Advice For Downsizing

Downsizing any home or property can be a daunting project for any one of us. With years of relocating experience, we at A2B Removals and Storage can confidently say that by following a few simple steps this can also be a great new start in life. The main removals advice to think about when downsizing is organisation.

downsizing removals advice

Many people living in large properties are often the first to say they would prefer to live in a smaller home. Smaller residencies mean lower utility bills and less space to clean. So you must always look at it as a positive move (pun intended).

Make a full inventory of your personal items. As you do this make a decision which items you wish to keep. Which items need to be thrown out. Also, which items you would prefer to sell or donate to charity. You need to be ruthless in this phase of your planning because downsizing inevitably means de-cluttering. What do you really need from your possessions? What things are you holding onto because of the memory associated emotional attachment? Remember: it’s the people that count not items associated with them. In this day and age of smart-phones and e-mail why not photo any items that you don’t need and send it to all your friends and family. This way you can see if the would need any of your unwanted things.

Moving Home and Downsizing Some Removals Advice 

Remind yourself with this piece of removals advice: you shouldn’t try to do everything at once. Start by obtaining some quality double walled corrugated cardboard packing boxes. Here at A2B Removals, we provide these free for our removals clients. We and are only too happy to drop them around to you any time prior to your move. Start by decluttering one room at a time. Label up three boxes for each room: Keep, Charity, and Family/Friends and place your items as you go through every cupboard, wardrobe, shelf and drawers into the appropriate box.

Remember to look for items of which you have many duplicates. Things like can openers, spatulas or other kitchen equipment. Also, go through your spice rack and condiments and the likes. You will be surprised how many are out of date or off their best. Through away what you don’t need and replace with new ones once you relocate.

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When you come across things that you can’t really sell or give to charity like dog-eared books and old cabinets, why not place them on your wall outside with a sign attached saying: ‘FREE to anyone who wants them’. You will probably see them getting collected before the next day.

Also, remember to measure all your furniture and fittings before you move. This way you can plan your new smaller interior layout during your clear-out process. There is nothing worse than moving into a new home and finding out that the interior layout you planned won’t work because your furniture and fittings are too large. Measure and plan first to avoid this nightmare.

Downsizing can mean more freedom, more money and less hassle and when planned correctly in advance of your house relocation then all can run smoothly. We love providing moving advice here at A2B Removals in Sheffield. See you next time!