Packing Tips for Moving House

Essentially this can be the most demanding role for you when moving house. But providing you take a few essential steps to plan your move you can save time and effort by following these few simple steps provided by the A2B Removals Company here in Sheffield.

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Step 1. Plan your move in good time. Leaving everything to the last minute, will not be a good idea. You need to make sure you have the right packing materials to begin with.

Step 2.   You will need boxes, packing-paper or bubble wrap, scissors marker pen, and some self-adhesive paper so you can write a list of contents on each box. Packing is a crucial step in the relocating process. Check out our packing services page if you need some professional help. This will not only enable you to identify what’s in them but you can also prioritize which of your boxes you need to unpack first after moving house.

Step 3.  It can be a good idea to start at the top of your house and work down. Attics and lofts are great for storage but after a short time, you can find you have much more than you thought you have. This will be an ideal time for you to go through these items and take only what you intend to use. Take unwanted items to charity.

Step 4.  Clothes can be left on hangers. Usually, six to eight items for easy carrying then place a black bin bag over them, making a hole for the hangers to go through. You can then replace these into your wardrobe awaiting the moving day. Think what you will need to wear until then, leaving them handy until those items can be packed in the same way.

Step 5.  Bathroom contents can be boxed. Ensure you make liquids safe by sealing them tightly and wrapping opened items in cling film reduces the risk of leakages. Nothing worse than leaking bottles of cleaning products when moving house. It’s a good idea to have a separate plastic box to pack away those items that you need to keep using, then when you have moved the same container can be the first to unpack giving you easy access to what you use daily.

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Step 6. Your China and crockery, pots and pans need to be wrapped well. The newspaper is ideal as you will need lots. Wrap each piece individually placing larger plates at the bottom with smaller ones on top your cups and saucers. Don’t make them too heavy. Any glasses and other breakable can be done in the same way. Mark Fragile, you can also leave some of these to use daily until your move then pack away in the same way.

Step 7. Any mirrors and paintings should be bubble wrapped, stand them up by a wall rather than laying them flat. Label and indicate which room they are to go in will be helpful.

Step 8.  If you have items which have leads and plugs again wrap and label prior to boxing, you can tape individual electrical cables together which will help you to identify what they belong too. A huge time-saving method, rather than being faced with a box of electrical cables to unravel.

Hopefully, these great tips will be of use to you. Don’t forget to check out this page for moving advice and this page for more packing tips. See you next time.