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Our House Removal Packing Services

On any relocation, packing up all of your items ready for the moving day can often be the most time-consuming and overwhelming part of any house move. We all acquire more possessions than we realize over the years. Packing all these items properly ahead of a move can be a long and laborious task. That’s why we offer a professional House Removal Packing Services.

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So why not leave it to us?

A2B Removals Sheffield offers both a full and part house removal packing service for every move in across the UK. Our experienced removal packing team is professionally trained. We offer a comprehensive range of packing services. We can pack and wrap as few or as many of your items as you decide, from your whole house to just a few delicate items.

The high level of training our packing teams receive ensures they can competently wrap all types of items. From safely packing fine furniture, plasma TVs, pictures, and breakables. They are more than capable of packing unusual, fragile, or bulky valuable items. We can even use specially designed crates for the transportation of antiques or more unusual items. Giving them that extra protection needed throughout the removals process, if required. Remember, well as saving you valuable time and effort, your professionally packed items will benefit from a superior insurance cover.

If you would prefer to coordinate your own removals packaging, you can count on us to supply the necessary materials at a competitive price. All the packing service materials we use and supply are manufactured from renewable or recycled materials. Meaning we are helping to protect the environment Also, all tissues are bleach and acid-free, ensuring silver and other valuable metal items do not tarnish.

a2b Sheffield packing services

Our House Removal Packing services:

Full / Part House Removal Packing

With these services, one of our packing team will arrive at your property at the agreed time to begin packing (normally the day before the move). All of your breakable items will be carefully packed to protect anything from getting damaged. We always use strong, double-walled boxes that won’t collapse under pressure. All of the boxes will be marked so as to ensure they go to the appropriate rooms upon arrival at the new destination. This will also apply to items going into our self-storage depot. We can also provide an unpacking service if you need it.

Breakables Only Pack

This option is for if you decide that it is only the delicate items, such as glassware, china, fragile ornaments, pictures, mirrors, and lamps., and the likes, that you need packing by us. This service is the most popular choice people make can be carried out either the day before or, depending on the number of breakable items you have, on the day of the move.

Self Pack

If you should decide to do all of your own packing, we can deliver an ample supply of large boxes, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, and tape as soon as you need them in advance of your move with A2B removals Sheffield.

Established in 1982, the A2B Removals company is a family-run business with over 30 years of experience.

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