Our House Removals Sheffield Team Would Like To Share A Few Tips For Packing

A2B House Removals Sheffield would firstly like to say that even before you even start to pack, when moving home, consider first taking a few trips to your local recycling center or hiring a skip. You could even consider attending a local car boot sale. All of these suggestions are to enable you to get rid of unwanted items. This will make things a lot easier for you.

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General rules, if you haven’t used an item for the last three years, then you probably won’t use it ever! Before you start to pack consider all those half-empty paint cans, dead car batteries, old bikes, and toys. It makes sense not to take unwanted items with you to your new home.

Next start planning early before your house removals move date. Anticipate it will take a little longer before everything gets finalized. So think of what you are taking and whether this needs to be boxed with similar items or if a particular item needs careful packing. Think of how you will organise the boxes. It’s a good idea to pack boxes room by room and clearly mark them with which room and a brief description of contents.

If you have any valuable items ensure these are covered under your home insurance policy. Take extra care with these items, it is worth labeling as fragile or marked with a special coloured pen so you can easily identify them.

When you are making your packing list, calculate how many boxes you will need and order them well in advance. There are a choice of sizes and make sure you have the right sizes. Always use strong cardboard packing containers, not flimsy ones you might get from a corner shop. These may not hold up and may come apart when lifted or carrying which ultimately means some of your belongings being damaged.

Packing Tips From A2B

It’s a good idea to pack a box of essentials for you to take with you in the car. This could comprise of some tea, coffee milk, light snacks cups and a kettle. Then when you arrive at your new home everything you need for a refreshing break will be together and close at hand. It is important you stay refreshed at a time when people get stressed and wound up at the prospect of having to unpack everything. Also, you might be tired and exhausted aging packed everything for days/weeks prior.

Remember these useful rules:

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Pack similar items together for example books CD’s, Kitchen utensils etc. It will help you when unpacking.

Label all boxes so you know where everything is. Enabling you to open and unpack knowing where they are going to go.

Make sure all your personal documents are safe. Such as Birth/Marriage Certificates, Passports you can then unpack them and have them once again secure and safe in the place you want them to be, rather than buried, let’s say in the loft or cellar!

Don’t overfill your boxes, remember they have to be lifted making them too heavy to lift may cause injury to you and your removal personnel. Pack fragile items in plenty of packing around them, make sure they can’t move around in the box. It’s a good idea to use your garage for temporarily storing packed boxes, this enables you to have your house relatively free from clutter, so you can pack up the rest of your belongings. In the same way, you can use the garage when you arrive at your new home to avoid clutter and help you to organise your rooms.

Finally, you will be in your new home with all your treasured belongings having had a good well-planned move through thoughtful planning and packing. A2B House Removals Sheffield are only too happy to help. See here for small removals advice or for light removals tips