A2B Removals 7 Top Tips For Moving Home

A2B Removals Sheffield have long known that like anything else in life, the key to anything is good planning. It’s the same when you have decided to move home. Taking a little time to plan will save you lots of time in the end. So here are our Tips For Moving Home.

Try and plan your move in a methodical way, which will ensure it goes smoothly, without stress and worry.

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1)  Don’t take belongings you no longer need.

In short, you need to declutter. Both you and any of the removal companies in Sheffield that you end up choosing will benefit from this. It’s easily done we collect things as we live. Often get bought things we don’t need, but out of a desire not to hurt the feelings of those items that were given to us we keep them. Moving house is the ideal time to make a choice, can we live without it or not if the answer is yes then donate the item to charity or sell on the nets, either way, you will reduce the amount of your stuff you are taking with you, and that’s a good thing.

2) List your Items

Next, go to each room in your home. List the items of furniture which you are taking and calculate how many boxes you will need for the items you have in drawers, bookshelves, cupboards. Don’t worry if when you start to pack you have underestimated. Your remover will supply you with more at the time.

3) List the Companies that Need to know you are Moving.

This is important, you can start by collating the various telephone numbers and list them ie. Gas, Electric, Telephone and Internet, Home insurer and. The post office. Then a week before you move you have a list ready for you to contact which will make it a lot easier for you, rather than having to locate these companies information at the last minute making your task a lot simpler.

4) Roll up those Rugs.

If you are taking rugs then a week before, get them out from under furniture and roll and secure them with brown tape. Again you can write on the tape which room you want them in. Your remover will appreciate this time-saving effort, and you won’t have to sort them yourself if they have ended up where you hadn’t intended.

5) Empty these Wardrobes and Chests

It’s a good idea to pack away those clothes you don’t need at the moment. Your remover can supply cardboard hanging boxes. You can then leave the clothes your likely to need until close to your move.

6) Label and Protect.

As you go through each room, label your furniture with the room it is intended for. For instance, you may want to wrap an item in bubble wrap for protection. It might then not resemble what it is. But by describing it and what room it belongs in will make the moving that much quicker and straightforward.

7) Garden pots and Furniture.

This often gets overlooked. We take for granted these items are coming with us. But again it will be easier to label and protect these items in just the same way. Take your mover into the garden to show them what’s going when they do the estimate for moving. This will allow your mover to decide if they go into the can first or last. With your help, and these Tips For Moving Home, you can make the moving process an enjoyable experience. Bon Chance!

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