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Relocating can be emotional in different ways. The happiness that comes with moving to a new home can be temporarily replaced because of the fact that moving house can be an incredibly stressful event, ranking alongside serious illness, divorce, and even death. The reason for this is a lack of foresight. So many things can go wrong when It comes to choosing from all the removal companies Sheffield without the correct planning. To avoid having to experience a few of the more common moving horror stories that we have had to deal with, A2B Home Removals Sheffield would like to remind you of a few professional tricks and tips to make your next house move as stress-free as possible.

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Wrap up your valuable items

We this happening time and time again in this business. The customer packs their own items, we transport them to their new property, they unpack, only to find that some of their valuable possessions have been damaged. Always remember to pack your breakables only after wrapping them up securely in tissue, packing paper or bubble wrap. Pack the more fragile items separate from heavier items. Best if they are in a box of their own and label it. Or, if you would prefer to pay a little bit extra to have your possessions packed by a professional team of staff then please check out our packing page.

Don’t over pack your boxes

This story is repeated over and over again. Many of the removal companies Sheffield has, overpack their boxes which then break at the most inconvenient time, during the relocation process. Usually on arriving at the new property, resulting in broken china, damaged electronics and more often than not an untidy mess.

Yes, we can all easily pack our heaviest items into a box, but that certainly doesn’t mean that the box can hold the weight of the items inside. A quick rule of thumb is to pack heavier items in smaller sturdier boxes, lighter items into bigger boxes and your valuable items separately.

Leaks and spillages

The last thing that you will want to do when moving into your new home is having to clean up leaking cleaning products or other liquids. Some of these products can even cause permanent damage with ugly stains on carpets, rugs, floorboards and other surfaces. Take as much care as you can when packing these items so as to avoid possible leaks.

So whether you are moving into a property on your own for the first time, or moving in with your partner or upgrading to a larger family home, consider A2B Home Removals Sheffield. You can read more about our services including storage and packing services here, Avoid the moving horror stories that we so often come across in this line of work. Following professional advice can mean rather than being stressful the relocation experience can be enjoyed!