Moving house in Sheffield doesn’t have to be Stressful

House moving is rightly said to be one of the most stressful experiences in life, after bereavement and divorce.  However, Moving house in Sheffied doesn’t have to be stressful. Whilst this may seem surprising to those who have never moved, those who have will nod in agreement. Things can go wrong, precious possessions can be lost or broken, emotional links to your home must be released.

So, are there things you can do to make moving house in Sheffield less stressful?

The A2B Removals Company would like to demonstrate:

When Moving house in Sheffied Be Prepared

Planning ahead is the key to a smooth move. Top of the list should be organising things like utilities and phone services. Make sure you have this organised before moving day. Consider employing people to pack for you.

Whilst packing can seem like a straightforward job, it takes longer than you think. The least stressful way to move is to have everything done for you. It costs, but some people think it is worth it to avoid the mess and disruption that self-packing can bring, especially those with young families.

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To Do List

Make sure you write a list of all the things you need to remember in the week leading up to the move. The more you do before the big day, the less stressful moving day will be. Retrieve spare keys from neighbours, empty the fish tank, book the dog into kennels for the night, organise childcare, defrost the freezer, sort out the garden pots. All of these tasks can be ticked off your to-do list as you complete them. On the moving day itself you will need another list.

The additional list should cover phoning utility companies to let them know you have arrived, locating the mains, making sure everything is safe before children move in, shutting cats in, refilling the fish tank and so on. There are bound to be a hundred things to do that are not covered on your moving day to-do list, but at least you will have covered the most important ones.

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Label Packing Boxes

Note down on the outside of boxes which room they should be put in. This will really help your removal men, and make unpacking much less stressful. Make a note on the outside of the boxes what they contain. Mugs and kettle should be easy to find – you will need a cup of tea on moving day, and so will your removal men. Be specific about children’s toys too. Nothing helps children settle into a new place more than being surrounded by their own things. If you need any further assistance with packing please read our packing-services page.

So there we have it. Our best tips for moving house in Sheffield with less stress from the A2B Removals Company. Don’t forget to check out our previous post for advice on how to achieve Safer Home Removals Sheffield.