Moving House During The Pandemic

The government, with all its wisdom, has informed the population of the United kingdom that anyone who is Moving House During The Pandemic can continue to do so during the lockdown. However, relocations must be done safely and so the moving process is different than the normal process. Currently, removal companies throughout the country are experiencing higher than usual demand due to the stamp duty holiday that the government has put in place to prop up the housing market.

Moving House During The Pandemic

Here at A2B Removals in Sheffield, we have developed some new operating procedures that protect our staff, customers, and the local Sheffield community. This new set of procedures covers all of the Governments Covid-19 secure working guidelines and the advice given out by the British Association of Removers (BAR).

If you find yourself moving home in the coming months you must understand that delays are inevitable and movement restrictions of personnel during relocations may make the logistics of your house move more challenging.

Tips For Moving House During The Pandemic

Here are a few tips to help get ready to move during the pandemic.

Under normal circumstances, the first thing we here at A2B’s would do to help you in your relocation is to visit your property and carry out a pre-move survey. Here we would make a list of the items to be moved and make an assessment of any access problems or moving challenges that may occur. Now we are advising that you get your pre-move survey done with us remotely, using an online app like Whatsapp.

As always we advise getting multiple quotes from the local moving companies before you choose your mover. This will also allow you to make sure that you fully understand what the move entails and so can choose the quote and removals company that is right for you.

Moving in Sheffield

It always helps at this point to write a list of everyone that you need to notify regarding your change of address.

Because we all have a bit more time on our hands due to being locked-up, sorry, I mean under lock-down, try to use this time to carefully go through all of your items and try to sort out which things are moving with you to your new home and what is better not moving. Remember, if you are moving very soon, with the current restrictions the usual charity shops where we do our offloading are now closed so look into recycling options or friends and family who could make good use of the stuff you don’t need. Once you have decided what can go, place them somewhere separately ready to take them to the charity shops once restrictions on movement are lifted. Some more moving advice that might be useful during the pandemic can be found here.

If you already have all the moving boxes that you need then you can start with your packing now. Always focus on the items that you don’t really use often, but still want to keep. These can be packed and stored away first, ready for move day.