House Removal Procedures Made Easy

It’s often said that house removal /moving can be one of the most stressful things in life. The original happiness of finding a new home is often quickly replaced by the looming anxiety and awareness of just how much stuff you are going to actually have to transport. However, with these easy tips, you can make the entire moving procedures a lot less stressful. After that, you can start enjoying your new property in no time at all.

house removal

Gathering all your essentials

When it comes to moving day, the last thing you want to be doing is having to go through all your boxes trying to locate a missing phone charger. Rome was never built in one day you know, so you can’t expect to fully unpack all your items in a single day. Always make sure that you have everything you will need close at hand. Pack a special box with all your chargers and any electronics items you may need. Pack an overnight bag with a fresh change of clothes and any essential toiletries you may require to get you through the initial day. Some snacks and drinks will be handy, especially as your kitchen will probably not be fully working on the first day you move in.

It’s a house removal so try not to lose your screws

In this world of the flat pack and Ikea furniture, no one wants to be caught short when reassembling their furniture. When you get round to dismantling desks, beds, wardrobes, and other large assembled furniture items, make sure that you keep a few sandwich bags to one side in order to collect all the necessary screws, bolts and other components in one easy to locate place. Remember to label these bags and then tape them to the piece of disassembled furniture that it came from. Here at A2B house removal Sheffield we also recommend that you stock up on Allen keys (a bunch of them in different sizes can be acquired from any reputable hardware store) and having these close at hand throughout the house moving process. These things have a habit of disappearing just when you need them most, so the key is to get the Allen keys sorted before move day.


Stock up on cling film for moving house

Although you probably know already that cling film is a piece of great multipurpose kitchen equipment but remember how handy it will come when your moving between properties you are trying to keep all your items in one place. Wrap bookshelves with books still on them and drawers with cling film when moving, then you can simply remove the cling film when relocated in their new home. This will save time and money by eliminating the need for extra packing boxes. Also, remember to wrap cutlery drawers and anything else that contains small items that could get lost or broken during the house removal.

Multitask wrapping

See if you can’t pick up a few free wine boxes the next time you are in your local supermarket. These can be perfect for packing away your wrapped glasses. Also, because they are flat pack they will be easy to pack away and store until the next time you are in need of them. If you have any long stem wine glasses or champagne flutes,  and the likes we recommend putting them into a clean pair of socks so as to add some extra transit protection.

Well there you have it. Some more fantastic house removal tips from the A2B Removals Company in Sheffield. See you again in a couple of weeks for more great moving and storage tips and advice.