The Cost Of House Removals in 2022

The Average Costs for a House Removal in the UK for 2022

THE question most frequently asked from inquiring customers regarding a future house removal costs and working out how to get all their furniture and belongings to their new property is “how much does a removal company cost?”.

The average cost for the services of a removal company for a 3 bedroom house is around the £600 mark. This is if you were doing your own packing and moving no more that 25 miles in the local area. This would rise to around £850 if you were to employ the packing services of the removal company you plan to use.

At the A2B Removals Company in Sheffield, we help relocate hundreds of people in the South Yorkshire area each year, all having different budgets and requirements.

Probably the most important thing to understand when trying to calculate the average cost of a house removal in the U.K is that the cost of using one of your local removals companies will vary for every different move, and depends on several factors which we shall explain below.

Costs for House Removals

Average moving cost as estimated by removal companies:

Not including additional services like item clearance, dismantling and re-assembling, etc, and based on a straight forward property relocation, here are some indicative costs that you might expect to be quoted for your move.

• 2 bedroom house

From £600 or  £850 with packing service

• 3 bedroom house

From £900 or  £1150 with packing service

• 4 bedroom house

From £1200 or  £1750 with packing service

If you would like a guide price for a house removals in Sheffield you can get a free, no obligation fixed removals quote from us HERE at A2B Removals.

What is the likely cost of local Removals Services?

The cost of using a Sheffield removals company will vary for each move.

The price of removal services is not only based on property size or the distance you are relocating.

It is also dependent on a wide range of factors unique to each customer and their unique requirements. That is why the A2B Removals Company always recommend booking a home move survey, so you can to get a personal, free, no obligation quote.  Each customer, every move and all removals companies are different.

Removals Sheffield Cost

How are removal costs calculated?

There are three main elements to costing a house or flat move.

These are:

  1. The Moving Vehicles and staff required

  2. Packing and loading up the moving vehicles

  3. Transporting your items to your new home

  4. Unloading at the destination property

The time each of these elements take along with the number of removals staff, moving equipment and vehicles needed will determine the overall cost of the move.

More specific factors that will affect the cost of relocating for a moving company?

The main costs for removals companies are broken down into the following factors:

  • The overall volume of items to be moved. This is usually calculated in cubic feet. This is crucial as it will determine the amount and size of removals vehicles required for your move. Also, it will determine how long it will take the moving staff to pack / wrap and then load your items on to the vehicles, as well as the packing materials that would be required for your relocation.

  • The access to both your original and destination properties. This means working out how close to your front door the moving company can park its lorry. Also, if there are any steps or narrow paths that need to be navigated to get to your property. This is important as it determines if any shuttle vehicle or equipment will be needed to transport your furniture and items if access is tight.

  • The Distance between your original property and your new one, this is very important as it determines the costs of all the transportation.

  • Any additional services you select. For example, full or part packing services, storage facilities, or, assembling and dismantling of furniture items.

  • Any special care items that would require extra protection. You might need crating for an expensive picture, a grandfather clock, antique furniture or any extra wrapping for your precious sentimental items.

  • Some items may need special Handling. These items might need to be removed via an upstairs window, or overweight items that would require a crane or special lifting equipment.

  • The actual date of the day you want to move is a factor that will affect the price of your relocation. For example, moving companies are extremely busy on the first or last days of the month, so this will cost more because on these two days.

A2B Removals Company Sheffield

The different levels of service provided by moving companies means that the cost of moving home will vary. Smaller Man and Van style outfits will cost less compared than removal firms who have larger vehicles and staff numbers.