Advice for Removals in Sheffield

Hey, we’re back again with some more great advice for Removals in Sheffield.

Get rid of what you don’t really need

If you think about it, packing and moving things that you don’t really use is just more work for you and will add to the cost of your move. A2B Removals in Sheffield knows only too well that movers should be de-cluttering as much as possible before the move.

Moving to a new house is a new beginning in your life so there is no point holding onto the past. We’ve all got those long-forgotten items stored away, typically up in the loft or out in the garage or shed.  Moving to a new house is a great opportunity to go through all these things and have a good clear out.

By decluttering before you move you will not only save yourself time, energy and money, but you can also make money by selling all those unwanted items on e-bay or in the local classified ads. Or alternatively, you can donate them to a charity and in doing so help others. Either way, you win!


Let a professional removals company do the packing for you

An easy and affordable way to take a lot of the strain of moving to a new house is to find a reputable moving company who can do it for you. Here at A2B Removals in Sheffield, we have been providing a packing service to our satisfied customers for years.  The reason why most of our customers use this service is that:

  • We are insured for any breakages and damages.
  • We use quality packing materials
  • All our staff has been fully trained in the art of packing all items especially valuable items and breakables.
  • We work fast. You can watch us as we work. Professional and careful packing is standard.
  • It’s very affordable. Contact Us for a quote and you will see. All our satisfied clients have said it is well worth the price for such an excellent service.
  • A professional packing service will give you more time to oversee all the rest of the operations that go along with relocating properties.
  • We will supply all boxes and packaging materials which will also save you cash and time.

Find a sitter for kids and pets for any removals in Sheffield

Moving house in Sheffield tips

If you have a family and/or pets, you will want them to settle into their new home as soon as possible. However, with all the things you will be doing on the day, and the stress that inevitably goes with it, you probably won’t need the extra pressure of minding children and animals at the same time. The best advice, that comes from 35 years of being in the house removals business in Sheffield, is to find a member of the family, friend or someone who could look after them until the house is in a livable condition before moving them in. For young children, you may want to unpack and furnish their new bedrooms first so as to make them feel settled and grounded in their new home as soon as possible.

So, there you have it! Another great post with great ideas to help your moving house go smoothly and easily as possible. Check out this post with some great advice for moving house and this post for more moving tips for more great advice. Always remember that you can call A2B Removals in Sheffield at any time for advice, quotes and storage questions. We are always only too glad to help.