Advice for Moving House from the A2B Removals Company in Sheffield

Here’s some Advice for Moving House, from A2B in Sheffield, that you may not find elsewhere.

Straightforward suggestions including cutting a hole into cardboard boxes to ensure that they are easier to lift really make life easy. Statistics show that the average Brit relocates about Five times in his or her lifetime, living through Three months about three days of moving day related stresses and pressures on each and every occasion. 62% of people surveyed identified moving home as his or her most stressful life situation, which was more than relationship break ups and divorce which scored just 43% and starting a new work position, which also scored 43%.

a2b removals company Advice for Moving House

A study using a sample of 2,000 individuals who have relocated residence within the last three years discovered most of us invest nearly a quarter of a year to move, but we by no means truly completely unbox everything.
When re-directing post, rather than just leaving a forwarding address, why not leave some stamped addressed envelopes with your new address on them so that the new residents can forward you your post easily and effortlessly.

Lifting as well as moving heavy boxes can be made easier. By carefully cutting handles into the sides of your cardboard boxes. This helps to make lifting and moving your boxes easier. When dismantling furniture for the move. Fill some clear sandwich bags with the loose screws and bits and then tape the bag to the item of furniture it came from. Not forgetting to label its contents. Remembering these things can bring down the overall cost of relocating.

Further Advice for Moving House

Use your phone to take a photo of your gas, electricity and water readings. Also, take a photo of your electric wires to see how they are set up and plug together. Being able to wire up the electrics again will save time. If you have furniture, like a chest of drawers or a wardrobe with handles that stick out but are detachable, then unscrew them and re-attach them back to front with them attached to the inside of the drawer or door. This way they won’t damage any other pieces of furniture and the handles stay with the piece of furniture throughout the entire move. Make a temporary handle for the outside using masking tape attached to the inside and coming out of the top of the drawer or the side of the door. Then fill the drawers with as many items as possible. Then you can make sure that doors and drawers stay shut by wrapping clingfilm around them a few times. This will also help protect them from knocks and scratches. Find out more about safer home removals in Sheffield in this post.

Rather than pack all the clothes you have in your wardrobe into suitcases or boxes, try leaving them on their hangers and putting a black bin bag around then to protect them. This way you can hang them straight up when you get to your new home. This can be a big help for small removals.